In Autumn of 2016 my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Door County, WI to escape the hustle of the Chicago bustle. When we returned home there was a giant bag of picked apples that needed to be eaten, thus me making my very first pie. Three years later that boyfriend became the man I'm going to marry and those pies became my passion. After moving to Fort Collins, CO in June of 2018 I have picked up the pace with creating but am still in the process of expanding.


After recently losing both of my restaurant jobs due to the pandemic I have used my time and energy to helping the community that opened its arms to us. I began a pie donation open to the public to sponsor pies to be delivered to local EMT's, Fire Fighters, restaurant workers out of a job, grocery stores still giving amazing product and service, teachers and other frontline workers. We raised over $2,000 in donations, made over 100 pies in an incredible kitchen (THANK YOU SPOONS, FORT COLLINS!!!) and it was beyond worth every hour worked. The response reminded me why I love the restaurant industry so much but also how GOOD people can be during difficult times out of our control. While I hope it doesn't take worldwide viruses to continue to provide those delicious reminders, I do realize a bad situation gave me something very sweet. Not everyone can use their passion to provide a slice of happiness to those around them but I was given that luxury to do so during a very sour time in my life. Thank you to every single soul that donated. You really sparked a fire within myself to make this company flourish but also me as an individual. The best is yet to crumb!


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